Scene Cleaner Pro

Scene Cleaner Pro

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A clean hierarchy in 1 click


Scene Cleaner Pro is heavily optimized to be as fast as possible and runs at minimal performance cost. In fact, the total size of the asset package is less than 500kb and cleaning a scene takes but a second.  

Easy to use

Working out-of-the-box, cleaning and properly formatting your Unity scene hierarchies has never been easier. Using either the standard rulsets or defining your own, all there's left to do is click a single button. 

Many use cases

Scene Cleaner Pro can be used in any type of Unity scene, and is especially useful for quickly prototyping or for new and advanced game developers tired of spending time formatting every single object in the hierarchy.  


Apart from the wide variety of available rulesets, which makes Scene Cleaner Pro work with almost any game and scene, the asset also comes with the entire source code, allowing for unlimited extendability. 


Use the pre-defined 2D and 3D rulesets to quickly clean any Unity scene hierarchy, or setup your own advanced rulesets based on tags, component type, name prefix, empty objects, or even a defined area in your scene. 


We've made Scene Cleaner Pro extremely versatile and useful for most project by e.g. ensuring that it avoids breaking up prefabs and cleans empty objects only after first checking if the object can be deleted, merged, or re-arranged. 

Use The 2D and 3D Standard Rulesets

Scene Cleaner Pro comes pre-built with two universal rulsets, one for 2D games and one for 3D games. Both rulsets work out-of-the-box without any additional setup. Simply chose your ruleset, and click the button. 

Make Use of The Advanced Ruleset Customization

Create your own unique rulesets to fit exactly the project you are working without any coding needed. Setup rulesets based on tags, component type, name prefix, empty objects, or even a defined area in your scene, such as a city. 

One-click Solution

Working out-of-the-box without any additional setup, Scene Cleaner Pro is truly a one-click solution that anyone can use. Don't be fooled, though, there's plenty more under the hood once you start playing around with the customizable rulesets. 

Avoids Potential Conflicts

Making a single asset that fits any Unity developer's need is difficult, but we've given it a go after all, ensuring that Scene Cleaner Pro for example avoids breaking up prefabs and only cleans empty objects after first checking if the object can be deleted, merged, or re-arranged.