Quest System Pro

Quest System Pro

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Quests, Achievements and Dialogues

Quest System Pro is an extremely flexible quest, achievement and dialogue / conversation trees system.

Quests (can) consist of multiple tasks. Each task can be progressed through the built-in components, your own code, or using a FSM like PlayMaker. Using this, you can create ANY type of quest. 


Create quests with dedicated editors. PlayMaker fan? With support for PlayMaker you easily control your quests.


Create achievements for your players. 

Dialogue / Conversation

Use the built-in dialogue / conversation editor to set up complex conversation trees for your games.

Inventory Pro

Works great with Inventory Pro! Create (complex) quests and reward your player with items, stats and more.


Built-in support for PlayMaker makes it super easy to control your quests and achievements.


The built-in SALSA integration handles the player's facial animations, don't spend weeks animating faces.

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Easy To Use.

Quest System Pro is SUPER easy to use and has a low learning curve. But don't let it's simplicity fool you, the posibilities are endless.

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Quest System Pro does not enforce you to use a specific UI design or style and can very easily be themed to your liking.

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Easy development and prototyping with the various editors. Many, many options can be configured without having to dive into the code.

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Quest System Pro is built with extendability in mind. The flexible base allows you to morph it to your game's need.


Create any type of quest with any number of tasks. Each task represents an action required by the user.

Works great with Inventory Pro

Combine the power of Inventory Pro with Quest System Pro. Create quests with item rewards, player stat rewards, extra inventory slots, and more!

Advanced Dialogue / Conversation trees

Create complex dialogue / conversation trees with the built-in editor. Request the user to input text, control the camera's to create a cool shot and much more.

Advanced editors

Control all of your quests and achievements easily with the great built-in editors.

Create timed quests, regular quests, gather quests (inventory pro), kill quests, discovery quests and many, more.


Easily create complete dialogues, right out of the box.

Many 3rd party software works with Quest System Pro

Quest System Pro works with the following 3rd party assets.

  • Inventory Pro
  • PlayMaker
  • Rewired
  • Love/Hate
  • Salsa
  • RT-Voice
  • Easy Save 2
  • LipSync (pro)