Melee Weapons of Brutality

Melee Weapons of Brutality

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19 Handcrafted Melee Weapons & Shields and an Animated Character

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19 Weapons and Shields

With the following 19 high-quality low-poly weapons and shields, you'll get started on your new Unity game in no time; 3 long swords, 5 axes, 1 warhammer, 3 daggers and short swords, 1 manchette, 1 maze, 2 clubs, and 3 shields

Animated Viking Character

The Viking character included in the weapon pack is fully animated and can wield and attack using all the 19 weapons and shields. The Viking furthermore comes with an interchangeable beard and a total of xx animations.

Mechanim Ready

The Viking character is 100% mechanim-ready (Unity's animation state machine system) allowing for easy integration into existing projects, as well as quick animation setups and workflow on any new mobile or PC Unity project.   

Decals for Unlimited Customization

The 19 melee weapons and shields have infinite variations through the use of decals. Add decals such as blood or mud, and easily turn the 19 weapon and shield models into hundreds of unique objects. 

Renders Super Quickly

Apart from the decals, the weapons and shields have no textures, which allows the assets to render super quickly on any device. This makes the Viking asset weapon package perfect for mobile as well as PC and console games.  

Out-of-the-box Demo Scene

In addition to the 19 weapons and shields and the fully animated Viking character, the package includes an out-of-the-box demo scene with additional assets such as trees, stones, and plantation, allowing for quick testing of the assets.  

19 handcrafted Melee Weapons of Brutality

Get started on your new game in minutes with this complete low-poly melee weapon pack including an animated and mechanim-ready main character with several high quality animations and 19 detailed weapons and shields with decals. 

Demo Scene and Animated Viking Characters

With a fully animated Viking character including various beard layouts, you'll be able to test concept ideas faster than ever. The built-in demo scene also includes trees, houses, grass and more to get you started with your game in seconds.