Los Pro

Los Pro

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Hear and See your targets

A super fast lightweight modular solution that is heavily optimized and production ready. 


Los Pro is heavily optimized and runs at minimal performance cost.

Easy to use

Los Pro is super easy to use; Los Pro can be used in combination with PlayMaker and Behavior Designer, but is also super easy to use in your own code base.


With a modular set up you can easily extend Los Pro and add your own features.

Detect targets in 2D and 3D

Detect any target (Skinned meshes, static meshes, 2D sprites and any game object). Using the fantastic editors you can easily set up detection for your targets. By either automatically scanning for positions or manually defining positions you can get your targets set up in seconds.

Countless possibilities

Hide in bushes, hide behind trees, buildings, anything you’d like. By setting up occluders (colliders and/or triggers) you can make your characters see and hear.    


Set up zones to change target or observer behavior. For example, in a scene with a dark alley create light sources where targets are more easily detected. Or make it harder to detect targets in dark corners, you name it.    

Hear your targets

Create listeners to hear audio sources in your game world. Listeners and audio sources can be added to any game object to add that extra level of immersion in your games.    

Easy for programmers & FSM Users

A single interface is all you need to define a target, observer or listener (1 interface per type). Not a programmer? Not a problem, simply use the built-in support for PlayMaker and hook onto events and use custom actions. Support for other FSM’s coming soon.