Inventory Pro

Inventory Pro

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The #1 Inventory Solution

Inventory Pro is a highly flexible inventory system for Unity. Inventory Pro can be used for RPG, RTS, FPS, and other game types. To maintain maximum flexibility all items are serialized within Unity and saved as prefabs. You can fully modify these prefabs, add components, change models, textures, materials, and more!


Easily create your own collections, simply drag on a component, play with the settings in the inspector and voila. The skillbar uses references, and sums up the total amount of items in the inventories.


Filter collections (any window with items in it). For example when you create multiple inventories (which is very possible) you can filter one to only allow quest items.


Restrict your collections to types, weight, dragging, (un)stacking and more. This allows you to create a collection that can only hold consumable items, only quest items or both.


Categories can be given a cooldown, all items sharing this category will all go into cooldown when an item from this category is used. Of course you can override the cooldown per item.

Item layouts

Allow each item to take up a specified amount of space in your collections. For example, allow a shield to take up a 2x2 slot while an apple only takes a 1x1 slot.


Sort, re-stack and tidy up your collections with a simlpe click of a button. The sorting algorithm can be tweaked to your liking to sort based on any paramter or type.

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Easy To Use.

Inventory Pro is easy to use and set up, no coding required. Are you a programmer? No problem, Inventory Pro is extremely extensible.

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Theme Inventory Pro any way you like using Unity's UI system.
Did you know there are also pre made themes available?

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Easy development and prototyping with the various editors. Many, many options can be configured without having to dive into the code.

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A solid well tested core that can be used for (almost) any game type. Why spend days when you can get a complete and battle tested solution?

Use items and restore stats

Use items such as an apple to restore stats to your player. No coding required, this is all managed through the built-in editors.

Various item types and behaviors

Various different item types, each with their own behavior. You can of course also create your own.

Clean collections

Clean up any collection. This will re-stack items and order them by type and size.

Equip items & generate stats

Equip items and & generate stats based on equipment. No coding required.

Craft items

Craft items using the layout or default system. Want a minecraft like crafting system? No problem, it's built in. Want a more traditional crafting system like WoW, no problem it's built in!


Buy and sell items to vendors. Tweak each vendor right inside the Unity inspector.

A complete design included

Inventory Pro comes with a complete UI design included. This comes in PSD format and is great for RPG / Survival games. Of course, you can also integrate your own design; Looking for a Sci-Fi Design? Have a look at our Sci-Fi UI Design.

Many 3rd party software works with Inventory Pro

Inventory Pro works with the following 3rd party assets.

  • PlayMaker
  • UFPS + (Multiplayer beta)
  • plyGame
  • Behavior Designer
  • Third Person Controller
  • Easy Save 2
  • The Dialogue System
  • Behavior Designer