What's Next for Odin Inspector?

By November 24, 2017

Taking Odin Inspector to the next level!

As Odin passes its half-year anniversary (hip hip hurray!), the team at Sirenix (for whom we publish Odin) has been slowly warming up for the next stage of Odin. 

A few days ago, we finally shared what they've been working on over on Reddit

So what's the future of Odin? 
Utilizing ScriptableObjects and having a good data structure that makes sense for your game, and then displaying that data in a user-friendly manner is key to get a good workflow.

But that's where the issues arrise; some data is not really suited to be displayed properly in the inspector window, and that's what the new update we're working on handles. It lets you create beutiful editor windows super quickly using OdinEditorWindows.

Below's the image we posted on Reddit (click it to get the full image). 

What do you think about it? Be sure to let us know on social media or our Discord channel.

We're actively looking for feedback.


And lastly; a big THANK YOU! 

Quite a few of you came out on Reddit yesterday and mentioned Odin as one of the best Asset Store Black Friday deals.

We're forever grateful for your constrant support (you rock!) ;) 

Here's the full Reddit post.